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The Association


The Anatoli Agricultural Association`s main objective is to provide the Greek, but also the international market with high quality products of excellent nutritive value.

Always based on the relation Quality - Consistency - Price - Safety, we live up to the specific demands of the market, with strategies defined by responsibility and respect towards the individual and the environment.

Focusing on the quality production, the Anatoli Agricultural Association provides its members with a series of services necessary for constant development and improvement of the production procedures. The A.A. offers validated advice on agricultural methods, supplies the members with all the necessary farming equipment, while it is organizing a processing/packaging department for fresh products and their promotion to domestic and international businesses.

It is the Association`s constant and rigid goal to ensure the high quality and nutritive value of the products from the production site, to their final consumption and acts in consequence to this end, always based on the modern demands of the international markets, following the guidelines of the international standards of quality assurance.

The Anatoli Agricultural Association is CERTIFIED according to the GLOBAL GAP, AGRO 2.1 & 2.2,  ISO 22000,  ISO 9001, ΙFS, BRC and CRETACERT standards.

The application and certification of the Integrated Management and quality systems, as well as the excellent technical know-how and services by specialized scientific personnel results in an increase in production by 10-12% annually.

Agricultural Association ANATOLI
Stomio Ierapetras P.C. 72200