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Beneficial Insects


Ωφέλιμα έντομα στην αγροτική παραγωγή


As part of the Integrated Pest Management effected by the Association, among other horticultural approaches employed, a complete greenhouse pest control has been integrated. Agricultural strategies, bumblebee hives for fertilization, release of beneficial insects, together with the proper use of agrochemicals assure of the high quality standards of agricultural products and ensure the low possibility of plant protection products` residues.


Among the services provided by the Coop, supplies in beneficial insects are included, as well as the design of a relevant scheme for every producer depending on the agriculture and area of interest.




The beneficial insects and mites mainly used are:

► Bumblebees for fertilization
► Amblyseius Swirskii for whitefly control
► Orius Leavigatus for thrips control
► Phytoseiulus persimilli for spider mite control
► Amblyseius cucumeris (montdorensis) for thrips control
and others.

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